The Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment invites you to Moscow for participation in the 26 IFHTSE Congress in 2019, dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the famous Russian scientist Dmitry CHERNOV known worldwide as the father of metallography.

The history of Russian metallurgists’ communities dates back to the very end of the 19th century, and it is strongly associated with the name of D. Chernov. In the year of 1899 D. Chernov established an official department of metal science in the Imperial Russian Technical Society, and in 1910 the Russian Metallurgic Society was formed.

Today ROMIT inherits the tradition of uniting metal scientists that dates back to Chernov.

We hope that the Congress of 2019 in Moscow will contribute to the networking on the latest techniques in heat treatment of metals and surface engineering.

The President of the Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment ROMIT, Academician of the Russian Engineering Academy, Professor ARKADIY TIKHONOV

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